Proof of Concept

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Power In Christ

Family vertical-rule

“The Whole Advantage – For The Family”

  • A Commitment To Seek God First
    • More Likely to stay together
    • Love and respect each other
    • Do not hold grudges and willing to forgive
    • Have made worship service a priority
  • Consistent Communication
    • Spend planned quality time together
    • Say 5 good things about someone before criticism
    • Don’t criticize without offering a win/win solution
    • Criticize the problem and not the person
    • Stay in the present, stay on subject and no dramatics
  • Consistent Love
    • Love in action, not just intentions
    • Involvement, not just passiveness
    • Love without conditions
    • Loving the unlovable and unresponsive
  • Consistent Values
    • A family with no values is dysfunctional
    • Their walk and talk matches up
    • It builds a wall of protection around the family
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